Work Health & Safety, Risk Management

Fundamental to our Work Health policy is the belief that a worker’s physical health should not be adversely affected as a result of bad management, dangerous practices or exposure to hazardous materials in the workplace. Similarly, a worker’s mental health should not be adversely affected by exposure to discrimination, favouritism or bad practices in personnel management. CSD has an excellent safety record.

We recognise that work performed in the Surveying profession may be hazardous and without stringent safety procedures, accidents can occur. We have a strong commitment to training and it is our practice to consult Workplace Services on risk management to develop and update our OHS&W procedures and management systems.

Our project surveyors are required to undertake a risk analysis and develop job safety measures prior to commencing any new task. All members of the work team must understand and sign a job safety assessment before starting work.

We also recognise the need for the effective management of recovery from injury and rehabilitation of recovering workers and where necessary engage external consultants to provide additional expertise and guidance in this area.