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Work Health and Safety

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd has a WHS policy in place, which is based upon the manual entitled Survey Safe as prepared specifically for the Survey Profession by the Association of Consulting Surveyors (ACS), in conjunction with Business SA.

Director John Henley played an active part in the development of this document whilst a member of the Executive Committee of the ACS. A copy may be made available for viewing by prior arrangement.

Work Health & Injury Management Statement

Fundamental to our Work Health policy is the belief that a worker's physical health should not be adversely affected as a result of bad management, dangerous practices or exposure to hazardous materials in the workplace. Similarly, a worker's mental health should not be adversely affected by exposure to discrimination, favouritism or bad practices in personnel management.

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd has an excellent safety record.

We recognise that work performed in the construction industry is inherently hazardous and without stringent safety procedures, accidents can occur.

We have a strong commitment to training and it is our practice to consult Work Place Services on risk management to develop and update our WHS procedures and management systems.

Our project surveyors are required undertake a risk analysis and develop job safety measures prior to commencing any new task. All members of the work team must understand sign a job safety assessment before starting work.

We also recognise the need for the effective management of recovery from injury and rehabilitation of recovering workers and where necessary engage external consultants to provide additional expertise and guidance in this area.

Joint Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental Policy

The Company policy is to:

  1. Work profitably with all our clients.
  2. Work with all our clients in an ethical and legal manner with written contract agreements.
  3. Deliver our projects to clients on time and on budget with the intention of satisfying the expectations of the client.
  4. Maintain a level of customer focus with the public that the clients and authorities would be expected to provide themselves.
  5. Provide evidence when requested, that all works have been constructed in accordance with the contract specified requirements.
  6. Provide a work environment which, within all reasonable requirements, is free from danger with all identified hazards reviewed and managed to reduce the risk of injury, illness or disease to workers.
  7. Comply with all relevant legislation, regulations and standards.
  8. Recognise all relevant guidelines, codes of practice, and industry recommendations and apply them as required.
  9. Use toolbox meetings with employees and the client with the aim of working safely and without damage to the environment on all projects.
  10. Use professional advice where necessary to ensure that our company satisfies the legal requirements of the Health and Safety and Environmental Protection Acts and other legislation or legal requirements covering the projects we work on.
  11. Ensure that workers who suffer injury, illness or disease as a result of a workplace incident are rehabilitated into the workplace in a health effective and cost efficient manner that will allow workers in every possible case to re-attain their previous level of employment and productivity.

Our objectives are to:

  1. Maintain our Pre qualification Status with the clients we work with.
  2. Aim for an increase in profit each year by reducing rework.
  3. Keep up with technology, plant and equipment changes.
  4. Continually target improvements in staff and employees competency through training.
  5. Provide a level of quality of work, that is not less than that specified within the contract, and aims to meet the client's expectations
  6. Have zero workplace notifiable WHS incidents and continually strive for a reduction in lost time injuries to Nil.
  7. Ensure that our suppliers and subcontractors operate with the same objectives in mind.
  8. Continued improvement in the management of Quality, Health, Safety, Welfare and the Environment through reviews and measurement of defect notices.
  9. Rehabilitate to the workplace all workers who have been affected by injury as a result of an incident in the workplace.
  10. We can achieve this by having a suitably trained, competent and committed workforce who know and understand the company objectives and operations of our Management System.
  11. We use a prepared management review agenda to set targets and review our objectives at regular intervals determined by the Manager.