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Company Background

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd have established an enviable reputation as a highly effective and professional survey practice.

Formed in 1993, the firm offers considerable experience in all aspects of surveying. The company provides to clients both outstanding technical skills and practical service.

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd are backed by a strong, multi skilled team, currently consisting of four Licensed Surveyors, two Technical Surveyors and three office staff.

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd prides itself on using the latest technology to consistently and efficiently deliver the best possible outcome on time. The technologies currently being used include RTK GPS, Digital Laser Scanning, Robotic Theodolites, Total Station Electronic Distance Measuring Equipment, Data Recorders and associated computer software/program packages and facilities.

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd is committed to quality and has a Quality Management System in place, as well as adopting stringent work practices in accordance with the Work Health and Safety Act, 2012.

We are confident that our skills and experience enable us to meet all your surveying needs.

Civil Surveys and Design Pty Ltd (ABN 19 060 705 231) is a company licensed under the Survey Act 1992 (SA) and a full member of the Australian Spatial Information Business Association (ASIBA).